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All this soul-searching from a baseball game?

November 2, 2013


But here’s the punch line: I didn’t appreciate any of that while I was there. Scratch me and you’ll find a frustrated visionary. We visionaries conjure up pristine futures and, if we’re not careful, contrast them with the exasperating present. We pout. We annoy everyone else and we blind ourselves to this morning’s blessings. I couldn’t see the city’s pleasures and opportunities through the fog of my utopian dreams.

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Big options in Big times for Big people. It’s all so … BIG (in a small kind of way)!

October 26, 2010

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The clock ticks for every patriotic American. “Decision time” approaches amid the churning philosophical, sociological, and even theological schmaltz – and we don’t know which enigma from which category will tilt the balance. We’re confused. We’re muddled. We’re baffled. We wonder if the days of blind faith were not so bad after all.

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