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Decoding the real problem wrapped in our budget

April 8, 2011


Can we see? Can we hear? Can we rinse out our psychological earwax and listen for sounds from beyond our culture’s white noise? Can we decipher the call of Ronald Sider, Jim Wallace, Richard Cizik, Shane Claiborne, Andy Crouch, Kim Phipps, Richard Mouw, Joel Hunter, and Tony Hall? We can alter our assumptions and renew ourselves …

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“Immoral Wealth” and the Lausanne Conference

February 8, 2011


“I guess I am tired of a “Gospel that protects the injustice of the status quo” (Richard Stearns). I am tired of wealth that perpetuates and sustains itself at the expense of the majority. I am tired of greed that justifies itself by itself . I am tired of a christian culture that buys into consumerism and the creation of desire. I am tired of the problem continually being defined as “poverty” without any consideration of the counterpoints of wealth and greed …”

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Just a bile duct in the Body of Christ

May 1, 2010


By Carlene Byron I have an acquaintance who feels stuck. Like there’s a big pile of something in front of him that keeps him from doing what he fervently believes is most important. He’s not lazy or unproductive. On the contrary, he’s an award-winning web designer for a global nonprofit. His work – often late […]

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