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Bad Theology + Slipshod Thinking = Unmitigated Disaster

December 4, 2010


Does anyone hear the ominous background music? A window-shopping couple smiles; a mother pushes a baby carriage; a child plays in a sandbox. Everyone’s happy. But the slow drumroll and dissonant cellos betray the inexorable menace …

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A round-up of thoughtful thinkers thinking thoughtfully — I think

September 14, 2010

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I’m still floored by yesterday’s discovery. It’s as if I unearthed a thirst-quenching pool in a dune-filled desert. I actually stumbled across depth, insight and acumen. Really. No kidding. Thinkers are thinking after all. There is wisdom beyond the rants of talking heads — and the people in the street (or at their laptops, at least) deserve to know. Today’s mission is to bring their thoughts to the foreground. Call this a “brain-power round up.”

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