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How Could You Possibly Vote For That Man?

December 2, 2008


Think of me as an accidental iconoclast. I’m a pro-life, Bible-thumping, holy-rolling evangelical Christian and … a registered Democrat.. Even worse, I’m no blue dog. I’m a real-life Roosevelt “liberal” who voted for Obama and wept for joy as the returns came in. I baffle non-church goers when I rebut the politics of Falwell, Dobson, and Robertson. I break their mold. Evangelicals question my orthodoxy and integrity, claiming – at the very least – that I wilted under pressure and swooned before Pied Piper charisma during the 2008 election. I break their mold as well. Witness the dismay from the internet plea of a sincere 21-year-old: “the platform McCain stood on was miles closer to lining up to God’s Word, and in so many cases was spot on.” She adds: “It grieves me that many Christians could not separate the issues from the man.”

She’s not alone. Colleagues at breakfast meetings freeze. It’s as if I’ve breathed ice on their scrambled eggs – although a few pull me aside later, their eyes darting as if they fear spies, and mutter: “Thanks for speaking up. I’m a Democrat too.”

Keep it hush-hush. Otherwise, the Monty Python gang might smash through the door and holler: “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

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