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Dear Environmentalists: Learn to play the game

May 14, 2012


A question for the eco-friendly: Can we see those outreached hands? They’re there, waiting for us, just beyond the fog of our prim, finger-wagging islands. Surveys show that three out of four U.S. voters favor regulating carbon dioxide emissions; some conservatives are reminding their kin of the word, “conserve”; and faith leaders are framing climate change as a moral issue …

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A Time To Act

November 30, 2011


I face a question and a challenge as I grope my way into activism. The question: What do I do when the river that swept me into the life of Christ now empties into a toxic swamp? The very word, “evangelical,” which once conjured images of joyful Jesus Freaks, conveys political intimidation. It’s as if Ayn Rand’s spirit descended and screeched on Pentecost: “Be selfish and shrill!” But then comes the challenge: Why am I so late? Why did I hide behind the term, “peacemaker,” and avoid the loving confrontation so necessary for true shalom? Why did I wait until I was personally hurt?

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