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FDR’s frustration with business associations

October 12, 2012


Some background: Poor business practices plunged the United States into the Great Depression during the 1930’s – much like poor business practices ignited the recent Great Recession. Then, as now, businesses were rescued by the federal government. Then, as now, many business associations turned on the government.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt penned this letter to Thomas J. Watson of IBM, who regretted the sweeping criticisms of the US Chamber of Commerce (quoted in Arthur M. Schlesinger’s The Politics of Upheaval) …

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Just a bile duct in the Body of Christ

May 1, 2010


By Carlene Byron I have an acquaintance who feels stuck. Like there’s a big pile of something in front of him that keeps him from doing what he fervently believes is most important. He’s not lazy or unproductive. On the contrary, he’s an award-winning web designer for a global nonprofit. His work – often late […]

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