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Surprise-surprise: Fox was very bad

August 8, 2011


So our president funds his own 50th birthday bash, invites a slew of guests from all races and ethnicities, and has everything but hip-hop music played. How does the blog owned by Fox News cover it? Look at the picture below. Look at it again. Feast your eyes on the cheap shot par excellence. Fox Nation finds scandal where there is no scandal and litters it with racist hints as subtle as earthquakes. No doubt they’ll respond to objections with that we’re-just-kidding look.

The real scandal, of course, lies in an alleged “news organization” that fronts for a propaganda machine. I wonder if the Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is finished answering questions on that phone hacking scandal in Britain …

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A Scandalous Scandal Scandalizes The Scandalizers

April 12, 2010


The outcry over God’s failure to adjust himself to human expectations reached a high-pitched scream yesterday with yet another startling revelation: God – the Great “I AM,” The Almighty Monarch, the Creator of all Existence, the One Who Pulled the Pin at the Big Bang – is registered with neither major American political party.

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I’m so sorry, Mr. Beck …

March 15, 2010


So I wake up to find Glenn Beck’s picture pasted over the Nicene Creed …

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