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Please don’t think of this as a lecture; think of it as … a lecture

July 30, 2011


Many are revolted that no cool heads are prevailing as we veer close to the debt-ceiling precipice. But let us pause. Let us ask: Why has this come upon us? Look no further than the election of 2010, when “voter anger” chased out the last statesmen and ushered in thugs who view compromise as a weakness. We voters were angry, and we angry voters elected angry politicians who knew all about screaming and vilifying and nothing about human relationships. The result: Self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling, and self-metastasizing rage. We’ve got what we voted for.

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Extra-Extra: Responsible, Reasonable, Rational Republican Found Alive!

November 22, 2010


Believe it or not, there was a time when conservatives were, well, conservative – and “conservative” was synonymous with “cool-headed,” “reasonable,” and “sensible.” They wanted facts, data, and options before rendering decisions. Think of Everett Dirksen, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, and Gerald Ford. They easily worked with the Republican Party’s moderates (remember them?) and (gasp!) liberals: Thomas Dewey (New York’s innovative governor and defeated presidential candidate), Charles Percy of Illinois, Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania, and Mark Hatfield of Oregon.

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