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Warped thinking and a double-dare

April 2, 2011

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You finally did it. You realized your dream and leaped the “brave” leap. Your fellowship sneaked in the Qur’an burning while we weren’t looking and word spread to the Muslim world. Riots erupted in Afghanistan and several now lay dead. Dozens are injured. But please, don’t forget to make that next, crucially “brave” step. Do it for us and for you. I dare you. The world is watching.

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Watch Out. The Impossible Could Be Possible

February 16, 2011


Hear the imperative once more: Smile boldly. Cuddle up. Nuzzle and snuggle in a bear-hug frenzy of interfaith empathy and love. Let’s be so cotton-candy sweet we spread acne and cavities … Mi casa tu casa …”

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What Would Jesus Do? And other important questions about Christians, Cordoba House and book burning

September 8, 2010


On Saturday September 11, the United States will once again relive the horrors of the attack on the World Trade Center nine years ago. I’m writing this on a September morning very much like that morning: cool, crisp and clear. The day’s events pushed our nation into its two longest wars, first in Afghanistan and then Iraq, and jolted us into sudden awareness of Islam – or, more especially, of a radical, fundamentalist form and its loose terrorist network, which will be with us for a long time. These terrorists have killed and maimed more Muslims than non-Muslims.

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