Inexpert Pandemania

March 12, 2020

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Proof it really happened. Source: Wikipedia.

The growing Coronavirus/COVID-19 scare makes me wistful for the innocence of my California childhood, when teachers at West Covina’s Rowland Avenue Elementary School ordered us baby-boomers under our desks in duck-and-cover rehearsals for a Russian thermonuclear attack. They issued their time-honored command (“NO TALKING!”) because, apparently, the commie missiles honed in our whispers.

Such is my momentary take as the nation shuts down and the stock market plummets and the Trump administration files correctives after the president’s scripted March 11th speech (not even preparation and a teleprompter halted his inaccuracies). The very atmosphere seems surreal — like it did under those desks. I can’t even distract myself with a good hockey game. Basketball is out (the NBA suspended its season when Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive after he casually touched his teammates and a set of microphones; he thought he was immune). What’s more, Major League Baseball has been delayed.

Duck and cover.

Both my wife and I rank among the high risk, so we take the pandemic seriously. But we’re not panicking. We’ll live a monastic-style life for awhile and observe the world via social networks. Some of the entries are gems. Here are some samples.

First, there’s a quote from a cartoon. I won’t publish the picture due to copy-write regulations. The caption is still golden. A husband says to his wife: “That’s odd: My Facebook friends who were Constitutional scholars just a month ago are now infectious disease experts …”

Beth Moore was in the same groove when she tweeted:

And here’s another Beth Moore tweet:

Tish Harrison Warren noticed some of the social media bravado and wrote this:

And then there’s one of mine after I came across a comment by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas):

Such is the state of benign commentary at this surreal historical moment.


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