Signs Of The Times

Millions joined hands throughout the world in Friday’s youth-led climate strike, with throngs jamming city centers.

But I guess I’m jaundiced. It seems many of the thousand demonstrators in Connecticut’s capital, Hartford, haven’t migrated from the humus-‘n-nuts crowd — which means we’ve still failed to connect with the voting majority. I aided in the movement’s leadership until cancer forced me to resign my various positions in 2015. This was my first time back, thanks to a chemotherapy break and more energy. I saw vegan proclamations and felt that radic-lib aura. A band’s singer even wore what appeared to be a polar bear costume.

Newsflash: We’re way beyond polar bears. The seas are rising and the storms are already blowing down buildings. Sure, we still want to save the bears — but, far more relevant and immediate, we want to rescue our kids from a dystopian future. We really do need to expand the movement to Budweiser drinkers. Signs invoking family values will reach deeper into the American psyche.

Somebody hire a marketing expert.

The following pictures tell the Hartford rally’s story:

I liked this one




Actually, this is true.


While this is true (the ocean’s acidification already damages sea life), I’d replace the image with a child’s face.


This is good: Appeal to American values.


Am I right? Is this a polar bear costume?



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Charles Redfern is a writer, activist, and clergyman living in Connecticut with his wife and family. He's currently writing two books, with more in his head.

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2 Comments on “Signs Of The Times”

  1. Becky Ross Michael Says:

    Everyone may not be on board, yet, but it’s an impressive start all around the world! I’m feeling hopeful.


    • Charles Redfern Says:

      I’ve been at this since 2009, manning boards, speaking publicly, and writing about climate change. The problem is that participants still use the language of “start”ing. We should be a lot further than this.


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