Prayer does not = endorsement

david platt

David Platt

The snarks are at it again, vilifying a good man because he didn’t see the entire universe in a split second.

Twitter finger-waggers leaped on David Platt, senior pastor of Northern Virginia’s McLean Bible Church, in the wake of his Sunday prayer over President Trump. I’m no fan of the president, but I’m also no fan of gang-ups. Here’s one tweet from Jory Micah: “Sorry, not going to sit here & pretend Trump is a Christian & it’s OK for white evangelical leaders to parade him around on their mighty platforms to influence not for Jesus, but FOR A POLITICAL PARTY that’s UNCHRISTLIKE. Who cares if David Platt’s prayer was nice?”

Stop. Think. First, Platt learned of Trump’s visit shortly before his worship service ended and he had to make an instantaneous decision (Trump, apparently, wanted prayer). Second, Platt is notoriously a-political in his preaching. He’s not a Trump evangelical. He’s denounced nationalism and he even wrote a book called, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream. Third, listen to the prayer itself. He does not endorse the president. Indeed, he includes Congress’s leaders in his prayer. 

Fourth, Platt did not “parade him around.” It didn’t happen that way.

Ed Stetzer said it well: “I know that every person tweeting criticism of David Platt would have handled it so much better if @POTUS showed up to your place with little notice, but maybe just consider that he is not as smart, godly, or prophetic as you are and try to extend grace to your lesser brother.”

Oh yeah. Grace. I remember that. Platt himself displayed it when he later apologized. Can others emulate him?

Here’s the actual prayer:

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