A daughter’s plea to her influencial father-pastor: climate change is real


Rick & Anna Jayne Joyner

Anna Jayne Joyner, daughter of well-known pastor Rick Joyner, has been one of those evangelical Christians spear-heading the battle against climate change. Unfortunately, her father is a denier. Here are the first two paragraphs along with a link to the rest of her open letter:

Dear Daddy,

As you know, combating climate change is my life’s work. I believe it is the greatest challenge of our time. I feel a deep duty, to both my faith and my generation, to spread this message. We are the first generation that knows how serious the stakes are, as well as the last to be able to do something about it in time.

I learned from you that we are called on to protect God’s creation and to love our neighbors. I write you today because we need your leadership to achieve a bright future for all of us — and our children.

Read all of it here

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2 Comments on “A daughter’s plea to her influencial father-pastor: climate change is real”

  1. rtrube54 Says:

    I am perpetually baffled by why people who seem to care so much about the idea of creation and God as Creator care are so far behind the secular culture in caring for the creation.


  2. Jim Steele Says:

    In the episode with Pastor Joyner, it was the pastor who behaved more like Feynman’s ideal scientist and not the producers of this documentary.

    Read my critique posted here http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/05/06/years-of-living-dangerously-pastor-rick-joyner-models-feynmans-ideal-scientist/

    In another episode they basely exploited human tragedy from fires, and it was based on one study that runs contrary to most of what fire ecologists know. I have worked to promote wise environmental stewardship in the Sierra Nevada and nearly lost our university research station to a human set forest fire. To study the regions ecology we must be very aware of the true nature of forest fires and this documentary is misleading. I posted my essay on the deceptive presentation on WUWT


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