Canadian Pastor: What’s up with our southern neighbor?

October 8, 2013


Is the United States “the envy of the world,” per former Vice President Dan Quayle? Or is it a puzzle? A muddled behemoth? A colossus lurching toward the Third World? Those on the outside worry about its adrenaline-laced citizens, who live shorter lives and labor for longer hours for less pay than than most Europeans. “Chill-out,” they think, “and take care of yourselves.”  

Canadian Pastor Mark McKim of Regina, Saskatchewan, wrote his southern neighbors a love-letter.  He’s concerned.  

Mark McKim

Mark McKim

Dear American cousins,

We in Canada are generally very puzzled about the virulent opposition to universal health care (let alone this business of shutting down your federal government because some congressmen/women are so opposed to it, but that’s another issue). We who are Christians are ESPECIALLY puzzled by the opposition coming from some of our fellow believers in your country. Here, universal health care was instituted largely due to the advocacy of a Baptist minister, turned politician, named Tommy Douglas. He saw no contradiction between his being a follower of Christ and advocating that everyone, regardless of income, should have medical care. It was just a logical part of being a caring nation and a nation where the Christian faith had a practical impact on the lives of ordinary people. We would really like to know how you think he got his theology wrong….


Your Northern Neighbours

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