The Challenge of Pope Francis: Halt the tide of “Savage Capitalism”

August 24, 2013


Michael Stafford writes about how the new pope’s critique of “savage capitalism” has yet to root itself in the American psyche.  It’s time we open our minds.  Stafford powerfully and passionately describes how the greed-is-good wave propels America toward third-world status, with plutocracy and a top-heavy economy strangling our national life.  

Two key paragraphs:

… to embrace left-wing economic populism – that is, social democracy – does not require the embrace of left-wing social values, particularly with respect to abortion. Indeed, one could argue that a society focused on social justice that recognizes and respects the dignity of the poor and of workers would be more receptive to arguments against abortion premised on the intrinsic value of all human beings.


I would argue that people of faith – indeed, all people of good will – should form, not a circle, but a phalanx. The long series of surrenders must end. If we do not make the moral and ethical case against savage capitalism, no one will. If we do not put forward an alternative vision of an ethical economy that meets the legitimate desires and aspirations of human beings, and a politics that is representative of and responsive to our interests, no one will. If we do not remind everyone that government exists to further the common good, then it will be forgotten, or ignored.

Read the rest of the article here

Lest we worry that Stafford’s article rings too radical, remember that he is merely towing the historic line of Christian political thinking.  Ian Packer provides a helpful reading guide here.  

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