Prancing and dancing at the edge of the cliff

October 15, 2012

Environment, Global Warming

Based on a previous entry, I put this up on the Huffington Post: 

So there are two ants on a hill, see, and both feel the ground tremble and boom. They notice a gargantuan creature — a sky-high behemoth — walking toward them. One ant says to the other ant: “Human: better run.” The other replies: “No worries. Humans would never hurt us because I’ve constructed a psychological/sociological grid — a theoretical model, if you will — of a human being. And, in my model, humans are always merciful saps who’d never think of overturning a single grain of sand on our hill. I’ve even been to conferences — and we conferees voted, and it was a landslide: Everyone beside the fanatical hold-outs agreed that humans would never, ever …”

Splat! … 

To read more, press this link here


About Charles Redfern

Charles Redfern is a writer, activist, and clergyman living in Connecticut with his wife and family. He's currently writing two books, with more in his head.

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