Video of the month: Welcome To The Rest Of Our Lives

We teeter on the precarious when we panic over one season of weather, but shouldn’t we pause when records wilt?  Shouldn’t we put on our thinking caps when the predictions of climate scientists come true?  Is there anything morally wrong with clean energy?  Is there any reason why the United States cannot follow Germany, which now gets half its energy from solar power?  And those lifestyle changes everyone talks about: What’s wrong with them?  Maybe we can leap off the conveyor belt that ships us to insane working hours.  Maybe we’ll cool ourselves down when we stop pumping so much heat into the atmosphere.  Maybe we’ll have more time to cuddle up with our husbands and wives.

Just sayin’.

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About Charles Redfern

Charles Redfern is a writer, activist, and clergyman living in Connecticut with his wife and family. He's currently writing two books, with more in his head.

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