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What Would Jesus Occupy, Part 2

October 20, 2011


Life is hard for us maniacal egotists. The Pulitzer committee takes no notice of this blog’s journalistic and literary excellence while the panels in Stockholm and Oslo repeatedly fail to reward me my first Nobel Prize. I’m beginning to think they’ve never seen my Internet knoll. That’s harsh.

Thus my swelling head with last week’s pingback flood: Everyone was fawning over my insightful October 10th entry, “What Would Jesus Occupy?,” which speculated that our Lord would cheer the marchers as they echoed his cries against greed. At last, the sun was shining on my head. At last, my bald spot was gleaming. At last the committees would send me their e-mails while fumbling for their sunglasses (“Ever thought of wearing a hat on sunny days?”).

But the fawners suddenly vanished.

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