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“Occupy Wall Street” comes to Hartford and brings a host of questions

October 9, 2011


One wonders: Will they swap a concrete overpass for the wobbly pedestrian bridge? Will the New Left see the wisdom in forging its long-delayed alliance with the Old Left? Will independent-minded vegans learn from well-honed, meat-and-potatoes union members?

Such were my questions as I snapped pictures of the spreading “Occupy Wall Street” campaign, which moved into Hartford, Connecticut, last night and featured 350 marchers lofting signs and chanting “We are the 99 percent!” Some camped on the corner of Broad Street and Farmington Avenue. I was on the ball: I arrived ahead of schedule but at the wrong location and I found no marchers – thus my Saturday-afternoon pictures of orphaned signs and a small knot of sleep-deprived organizers planning their next assembly, scheduled for 3 p.m.

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