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The Nightmare of the Dark Side

September 6, 2011


Attempts at psychoanalyzing politicians are almost inevitably unfair and fruitless. Their protective smiles halt us at their personality’s foyer. They’re evaluating us: Potential ally? Political friend? Foe? Keep them all close – especially the enemies.

Yet part of me longs to reach out and walk with Dick Cheney, once an articulate conservative spokesmen and capable minority whip. Most accounts portray him as a stellar defense secretary. I enjoyed listening to him though I usually disagreed with him. What happened, Mr. Vice President? Was it the mood-swinging heart medication? Was it the haunting images of falling buildings and thousands of deaths? Is there lingering guilt? Do you feel, in your heart of hearts, that the government failed its most basic task: protecting its citizens? Did you make a silent pledge: Never again! Surely you must know that others – such as Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell – felt the same burdens and made similar pledges. Surely you understand that their differing advice stemmed from the same sense of obligation. So why the cheap shots against your former colleagues in your latest book? Why the vindictiveness?

But, of course, I will never see your heart – and I don’t need to. You’d smile the protective smile even if we were to meet, and that’s your right.

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