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Are we insensitive in our quest for sensitivity?

June 16, 2011


From Heather King and Betsy Cullerton: I spent some time in Michigan over the weekend. My parents have several acres on the lake, and I haven’t worn out my welcome. My mother is a wonderful gardener, and with all of the rain across the Midwest spring has exploded. I was out in the driveway, listening to the frongsong gurgle and belch in the ditches and gulley. A flock of birds rested in the tree above me. The lake, sequined and shining gave the impression of something solid; I longed to walk across it. For a moment I believed I could. Looking out over such an expanse, I felt such a deep desire and longing to return. I prayed over the feeling, and I realized that it was a longing for God. The world is gorgeous and life pure gift. The world is not my home; my joy is veined, riven with exile.

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