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Enfield: When The Attack Dogs Come To Town, Part One

June 28, 2010

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Come. Hear the echoes of human pit bulls. Drive north on I-91 in Connecticut toward Enfield, where its 44,895 residents have seen America’s secular bar mitzvah morph into a cause, a principle, a dogma, with a cast of characters including the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United For the Separation of Church and State, a state-wide family-values organization called the Family Institute of Connecticut, a federal judge, The American Center For Law and Justice – which Pat Robertson founded in 1990 as an ACLU counterweight – and a Board of Education with Gregory Stokes, a respected pastor, as its chairman. There’s been a lawsuit, a federal ruling, and an open feud between the FIC’s Executive Director Peter Wolfgang, and Rick Green, a newspaper columnist. Dedicated people – volunteers who serve their community for no pay – have been portrayed as wishy-washy, liars, conspirators, and extremists.

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